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Physiotherapy Services

You must obtain your vets permission before any physiotherapy treatment can go ahead.

We provide physiotherapy programmes for:

  • maintenance 

  • sports performance management

  • post injury/surgery 


Maintenance physiotherapy provides a static postural and dynamic assessment of your horse to evaluate where musculoskeletal imbalances lie that may be affecting performance or training. Treatment approaches use manual and electrotherapy techniques and re educative exercises. Physiotherapy is an effective means of maintaining or improving performance and helps prevent injury.

Sports performance provides a discipline specific approach to managing the equine athlete competing regularly who will require management of the physical strains of athletic performance.

Post injury/surgery physiotherapy uses both manual approaches and electrotherapy modalities were appropriate along side clinical reasoning and knowledge of the various conditions to assist healing and support and re education repairing tissues to enhance the return to fitness and physical activity.

Electrotherapy Modalities

A full range of electrotherapy modalities is available for use where relevant and indicated

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy includes:

  • Skilled palpation of soft tissues to identify areas of soft tissue damage and stress.

  • Application of a range of massage techniques.

  • Passive and active stretch techniques.

Remedial Exercise

Prescription and guidance in the use of appropriate re educative exercise approaches to aid improvement to flexibility, range of motion of joints and muscles, strengthening and proprioceptive gains in cases of muscle imbalance or following injury.

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